Baidu SEO Guide & Resource

Baidu, the Chinese search giant with its 70% market share, used to keep its changing as always in baidu seo guide and/or Baidu SEM, which may covers partially its ranking algorithm, PPC policy, secret sandbox, keywords censorship, etc. 

From this point, every webmaster has to face this challenge, and try to come up with every of Baidu change, in terms of SEO and PPC game particularly.

1, Baidu Official SEO Guide

In 2010, Baidu once released its official SEO guide in Chinese. Baidu then upgraded its Baidu SEO Guide 2.0 in August 2011, and stopped any upgrade of this SEO guide since then.


In couple of years later, many Baidu SEO guys conducted some English version of Baidu SEO, within which came,

  • Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide from SEO Chat
  • Baidu SEO Guide eBook from Baidu Guide

But all of these similar papers were not originally from Baidu itself.


2, Baidu Latest Version of SEO Guide

Baidu now comes to release and update Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0 through its official online college of Baidu, which covers key items as following,


  • General Introduction of Baidu SEO
  • Preparation Before Baidu SEO, including Domain Registration & Hosting
  • SEO Friendly Website Development, including Readability, Site Structure, Category & Directory, URL Definition, Baidu Webmaster, Re-development, Content, Referral, Attraction
  • Website Operation, including Conversion Rate, Traffic Analysis, Site Authority, Brand
  • Spam & Punishment, including Baidu Definition of SEO Spam, Punishment, Correction
  • Baidu SEO Q&A
  • Contact & Feedback

Baidu also released its Baidu Mobile Search Optimization Guide 2.0 on its official site.


3, Other Important Baidu SEO Documents

This is the only Baidu official channel to the public in regards with Baidu SEO activity. Besides this SEO guide, Baidu has other important documents in the online college as well.

  • Help of Baidu Tools
  • Baidu Mobile Search
  • Baidu Website Audit for Webmaster
  • Baidu White Paper of Website Content Quality
  • Baidu Website SEO
  • Principle of Baidu Search
  • Baidu Guide for Site Development

4, Essential Baidu SEO Tools

  • Baidu Webmaster
  • Baidu Keywords Suggestion
  • Baidu SEO BBS

5, Difference between Baidu & Google

Most of SEOers are curious about the difference between 2 search giants, Baidu and Google, as SEO guys love to learn Baidu based on the SEO knowledge of Google.

Here’s briefing in some aspects, as for your reference.

  Baidu Google
User Experience Good Perfect
Loading Speed Fast in China Fast globally, but blocked in China
Result Listing 3-6 PPC over organic 1 ppc over organic
Search Relevancy Good Very accurate
Site Indexation Slow Fast
Original Content Love Like
Censorship Strictly Little
Internal Link Weigh General
Outbound Links Links from authority sites Link popularity
Sandbox Seriously General
Punishment By man power By rules
Chinese Support Absolutely Good
Traffic from China 3 1
AI Applied PPC Organic & PPC


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